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So we thought we would let the girls share their opinions of each other so you get a feel for the team before you visit us.


Maria – The Boss / Stylist

Well where do we start? Maria the boss lady is a fantastic stylist who just loves her job and all her staff. There is never a dull moment with her and you always get her the same way no matter what…and that’s smiling and having fun. She is so creative, especially when it comes to short hair, which she just loves cutting. Oh and she loves a funky fringe! Everyone knows when Maria is in the salon, despite her petite size you will hear her before you see her. She does love telling a good joke and she is never one to exaggerate…well maybe sometimes. The salon would just not be the same without her energy and happy face.



Katlyn – Supervisor / Stylist

For anyone that is a little salon shy and doesn’t normally enjoy going to the salon, not only will you have a fabulous time but Katlyn will really give you the confidence boost that you deserve. Kat is a super talented hair designer. Everything she does she puts in nothing less than 100%. She listens to her client’s needs and wants and for those clients who struggle to explain what they want…Kat is a mind reader, and for some reason beyond us all she just gets it! What she enjoys doing most is colouring. She just loves all colouring techniques. Watching her painting on colour is like watching Picasso at work, a true professional. We all know that Maria is the boss, but really Katlyn is the ‘REAL BOSS’. As well as running an extremely busy column she also helps with the running of the salon. Never one to shy away from spending time with the girls, training and showing new techniques. All the team think she is fantastic. Kat believes strongly in feeling good inside and out, she attends the gym regularly with a p.t, but my god does she like her grub too! She is the only girl we all know who spends 3 days getting ready for a night out and normally her night out lasts 3 days. A more grounded, honest and down to earth girl you will struggle to find. We are all very lucky to have her in our team.


Karly – Stylist

Mad as a box of frogs, crazy, friendly and you always get her the same way. Karly has a chilled out personality, however she is extremely organised and works in a very timely manner but her work is amazing, sometimes you just seem to blink and she has transformed her client. Karly ran her own salon for 9 years before joining the team here and brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the salon with her. We are really lucky here at 1302 as everyone gets on really well, I think it must be challenging for someone new coming into that environment but it feels like Karly has been here for a lot longer than she has been. Delighted she has joined us, she’s just a fabulous woman, girl, chick, gal.


Nadine –Stylist 

Nadine aka Nadia is the happiest individual I have ever met. If anyone is feeling down then Nadia is the go to, always there to cheer you up. She has so many nicknames in the salon, possibly more than I’ve ever known anyone to have. Nadia, Shazza, Chewy, Carmel…the list goes on. Nadine’s confidence, knowledge and willingness is so clear to see, just a fabulous young stylist that produces beautiful work. A fireball of energy that never stops, half machine half woman. We’re all so glad we have her here and don’t know what we would do without her!


Hannah – Graduate stylist

Hannah is our fabulous graduate stylist and is always smiling. Always! Hannah graduated from university with a fashion degree but has always had a burning desire to be a hairdresser so she came onboard here in 2019 and has completed the first part of her apprenticeship with ease. She is, as they say, a grafter! Never stands still, always helping, cleaning and most importantly wants to learn every day. She has an energy which is just, well, contagious. Social media and style savvy…she is the go to for advice on what to wear on a night out. Oh and more important than anything else, she’s the chick you can be goofy with. I just love Hannah x


Kate - Graduate stylist

The baby of the team and absolutely full of energy all the time. Always smiling, bright and bubbly and so keen to learn. An extremely polite , funny and  well-mannered young woman, Kate is a pleasure and an asset to the team here. She does however have an addiction to hot chocolate and consumes it by the gallon. Well they do say each of us have our one vice…this is Kates. Good chat and good head massage skills, you will just love Kate like we all do!


Kayleigh – Front of house / Receptionist

Kayleigh is the friendliest, chattiest and most lovely person you could meet. She constantly has us all in giggles with her stories and funny voices. She is an extremely caring person and always offers a shoulder when needed…i.e when someone’s having partner issues and the like. Her two daughters are her world, easy to see how good a Mum she must be based on how she is with all of us loonies. She runs a tight ship at reception and if you dare go onto either of her computers…good luck! She is a great singer, well she sings at least…you can make your own mind up on her ability. Just a lovely girl who has a lovely contagious smile and does a great job here in the salon. She’s just fab.

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