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Maria Barsotti - Salon Owner

Maria started her career over twenty years ago and has built up an extensive bank of knowledge and experience in all fields associated with hair. She shows this on a daily basis when creating styles for her clients, that whilst look amazing they are manageable at home.

Maria, as well as cutting and colouring, of which she does a lot, is also trained in hair extensions. Where she excels most and what she loves to work on is short hair.

On the floor with her team and trainees,  Maria loves to have a laugh and everyone knows when Maria is in, however don’t let this happy go lucky attitude detract you from what Maria’s passion is…...producing beautiful hair every time!

Katlyn Roberts - Stylist

Katlyn started in 1302 almost six years ago, being trained by Maria and has worked extremely hard in that time honing her skills to become a very important member of the team here.

An amazing young stylist, full of energy and a honest love of what she does, which is evident in her work. Not scared to suggest something daring if that’s what her client desires. Katlyn has an amazing eye for current trends and colour, especially her balayage colouring which is exceptional. Kat, as she’s called by her family here at 1302 is also trained in hair extensions.

Last thing about Katlyn, she loves to party, so she’s never short of chat if you want a good carry on over a glass of wine while you are visiting us!

Kirstyanne Sherriff - Stylist

Kirsty joined the team here at 1302 over four years ago and has built up a large clientele with, quite simply the work she produces. Again like the other girls she is trained in hair extensions and has a huge wealth of experience cutting and colouring.

Along with all the 1302 team of stylists Kirsty has a great understanding of colour and is regularly faced with having to correct colour which has gone wrong either at home or another salon.

Sharp colours and chic cuts is what she loves to do, so should you be looking for a new look then Kirsty is your girl.

Like Katlyn, Kirsty loves to party and loves a laugh, but again and it has to be said...she loves what she does and it can be seen with her clients on a daily basis.

Amanda Weir - Stylist

The newest stylist to the team, Amanda joined 1302 three years ago having worked in this industry for over fifteen years. Before joining our committed team Amanda had worked at only two other salons in all that time, showing that she truly loves hairdressing rather being over concerned with where she is based. Amanda brought a huge amount of experience with her and is a very important member of the team at the salon.

Amanda’s calm demeanor is a true gift that would put the most nervous of clients at ease. She has a way of extracting what the client wants without them even telling her. Her colouring and colour correction abilities are stunning along with the finished cut and style.

Big blow drys and beach curls are just a few of her talents.

Emily Hood - Junior stylist

Young Emily, the baby of the salon, joined the team eighteen months ago and has gone through the 1302 salon training program, qualifying with her level two in hairdressing with ease. Before Emily engages in her level three hairdressing studies she is honing and fine tuning what she has already learned.

We are in no hurry to push Emily into running a full time column as it can have a detrimental effect on her learning. Emily is currently building her clientele carefully, with attention to detail whilst honing and tuning her skills. She is more than capable of carrying out a cut and colour, however time is something we will not push her on.

Emily is a charismatic girl who has a great way of communicating with clients. We have no doubt she will be an amazing stylist in time, but as we all know you can’t rush perfection.

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