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1302 Cancellation Policy & Terms

1302 Hair Design requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or amend an appointment. If this is not given then any deposit that has been paid will be forfeited completely. It cannot be used for a future appointment.

If a client makes an appointment and does not show on the day, then there will be a cancellation fee of £40 ( for a cut & style or a colour appointment ) if it is a service costing less than this then it will be for the full price of that service. This fee will have to be paid before any other appointments will be offered.

If a client makes an appointment for a particular service and changes it on the day, i.e for a lesser service then the full charge of the original appointment will still apply.

If a client makes an appointment for a particular colour service and decides to change their mind once in the salon, there may be a chance that this cannot be done depending on what time has been allocated and what time is available. We will ALWAYS endeavour to give our guests what they want, however sometimes it is not always possible with the time we have.

For the safety of our staff and that of other guests we reserve the right to turn anyone away should we think that they are intoxicated in any way.

We operate a ZERO tolerance policy in relation to any form of abuse, verbal or physical. We operate a CCTV system and this will be used if needed to prosecute anyone who acts in an unacceptable or unlawful manner.

Here at 1302 we have always been and will always be about quality. If, in our professional opinion, we think that a particular service could cause damage in any way then we will not carry this service out. We want to look after our client’s hair in the best possible way and provide you with an unrivalled service, whilst building trust with each and every one of you. After all, apart from your doctor and dentist who else gets this close to you?

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation on these matters.

We look forward very much to welcoming you into our salon for what we hope, will be the best salon experience you have ever had.

*any client visiting 1302 for the first time to have a colour service MUST have a patch test carried out absolutely no later that 72 hours prior to their booked appointment. Under no circumstances can we carry out a colour service without this being done.