‘FABULOSO PRO’ – A non commitment, ammonia & peroxide free colouring? Surely not…


What it is you ask?

Fab pro is a conditioner base which is ammonia and peroxide free, which can be mixed to any colour you wish, be it bright or pastel. It is completely commitment free as it can be washed out using a specially developed shampoo. Are you one of these three types:

Do you visit the salon regularly to have your colour done, but have tried everything to maintain it and keep it fresh? Yeah sure you do, we all have. Well frown no more, we can give you a fab pro bespoke to your colour for you to take home and keep your hair looking fab for weeks on end!

Have you always wanted to go for colour but just never found the guts to follow it through? Those days are well gone! We can make you any colour you wish to have applied in the salon or to take home and should you decide that colours for you then great. If you decide that you were right all along and you prefer you own natural tones, then great, it just washes out!

Love you own natural colour and have tried every product available to mankind to get it looking its best. A little more shine, bring the deep tones out? Look no more…yeah Fab pro is your new best friend.

Right, so by now you have all guessed it, this is just an amazing product. For over 7 years now we have tried everything on the market that suggests it does anything that Fab pro does and we have never been fully satisfied. Until now.

The benefits go on and on:

Extends the life of your colour, improves the hairs strength, increases moisture, gives added uv protection, softens, nourishes and detangles without weighing the hair down, polishes the hairs cuticle to reduce frizz and give brilliant shine, gives instant colour with absolutely no damage at all leaving the hairs integrity intact etc etc etc…

It can’t be all good some of your cynics may be thinking. Well to be absolutely honest. It is. We knew of this product for months before its launch and we were so excited to finally get it in the salon. Fab pro is definitely a keeper!

As you will all know, or most of you will, in order to add any colour to your hair it must have a bleached base if you are dark. If you are naturally blonde, then perfect. We will always advise any client thinking of buying Fab pro what will be best for them in terms of base colour, so that way you can get the full benefit of the colour you choose.

After all this chat about how Fab Pro is world changing, you probably expect it to be a world shattering price too, well sorry to let you down. The take home conditioner including any colour you so desire is £20.

This will give around 4-8 applications depending on your hair type, length and thickness.

Is there any reason at all why you wouldn’t have this? Really?

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